Data Connectors



What are MTK Data Connectors?

Say, you already have a search technology but it only outputs results in list form. Or if it outputs locations / maps, these are very simple. You want to do more, you want to go full vector cartography. You want to automatically add static maps or elevation profiles or other geo metadata to your data. You want to display thousands, or tens of thousands of geodata on a map. You want to take advantage of the advanced filtering capabilities of your existing technology, but on a map. And instantly, full speed. This is what Maptoolkit Data Connectors are for. They add a full scaled vector map output to your existing search technology, no matter what. The perfect combination of the fulltext and filtering capabilities of your existing technology with the speed and data enhancement features of the old Maptoolkit Geodata Hosting. And the best thing: Connecting your data is a matter of minutes, in most cases.

Data Connectors are a feature for Maptoolkit Enterprise customers. Details see Maptoolkit Pricing.

What technologies do MTK Data Connectors work with?

Maptoolkit Data Connectors can be added for most technologies, all that is needed is a structured, URL-based interface that is able to output all your geodata. Maptoolkit does the rest - caching, vector tiling, data enhancement, it all happens automatically - on Maptoolkit servers.

This is how MTK Data Connectors work

Imagine a setup like the following, with a Solr server (or similar technology) outputting data based on filters and/or fulltext search:

Setup without MTK Data Connector:

With the one-time setup of a MTK Data Connector (should be done in minutes) you can add a vector tile map view to your list views, without having to worry about scaling (tens of thousands of items possible) and caching. Maptoolkit mirrors and caches your data automatically. Also, the generation of metadata (elevation, distance, elevation profiles, static maps, etc.) are being taken care of. Filtering and / or full text search is being handled by your existing technology. The query is handled by the existing query URL and query parameters. All already in place now, you only need to take care of the look & feel.

Setup with MTK Data Connector: