Backend integration



Enhance your backend with powerful tools, like our Maptoolkit Route and Polygon Editors, the Maptoolkit Geocoding API, or by allowing editors to use their routes for print-ready maps.


Customers with backend integrations

  • toubiz

Route Editor


The Maptoolkit Route Editor is an intuitive editor, with enables you to create routes quickly and easily by uploading an existing GPX or KML file or drawing the track directly on the map. This feature is designed to simplify the route creation process and give you greater control over your routes. Whether you are a geographic expert or a novice content creator, the Route Editor is a valuable tool to help you achieve your goals.



Editor & POI Select

Using MTK.ItemSelect built into MTK.EditorInterface.


Polygon editor


Similar to the route editor, there is also a powerful and easy-to-use polygon editor to draw areas or choose from pre-defined polygons, such as administrative borders.

Polygon Editor

Using MTK.PolygonEditor.





The Maptoolkit Geocoding API offers a comprehensive solution for locating any place or address across the globe. With fast and powerful forward and reverse geocoding capabilities, the API provides access to extensive data from OSM (and other sources in specific regions such as national parks and touristic areas).



Printmaps integration is our web editor to create printable maps. With Printmaps, you can effortlessly create stunning and visually appealing maps in just a matter of minutes. Export your maps at 300 dpi as PSD and SVG files, preserving even the layers, enabling you to utilize them for a wide range of printed products, including brochures, overview maps, booklets, and more. Unlock your creativity and produce high-quality printed materials with ease using

Backend integration

With a simple URL parameter, it is possible to use any GPX or KML file as a source for Printmaps. This makes it super convenient to create printable maps for your content.


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