Solutions for Real Estate


Real estate portals and brokers benefit from our many years of mapping experience and the possibility to enrich the location of a property with additional data to display.

Show cases

The following applications can be realized in the real estate industry with our technology. Due to the flexibility of our technology and the free combination of our APIs, individual requirements and needs can be realized.

Location map

Location is one of the most important criteria for a property and with Maptoolkit you can show the location of an object either precisely or also approximately. In connection with the Isochrone API, the question “What is reachable in x minutes from the apartment?” can be answered additionally.

Overview map

Show an overview of available properties on an interactive map, with filters and other infrastructure such as supermarkets, daycare centers, schools, etc.
Static Map CityMaps2Go

Static map

The location of a property can also be output as a static map for fast loading times or to be able to display the location in the images of the property.
Immobilien Exposé

Printable maps

Use our service for your printed exposés and benefit from high-quality printable maps.
Routing Stadt

Route planner

Let prospective customers calculate the route to work or school right away and thus improve your platform's service.


Of course, our maps also work in a mobile website or app.


The following standard map styles are available in Maptoolkit and are optimized for use in the real estate industry. Additional map styles can be created as needed to meet special display requirements or design specifications.


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