Static Maps API

Create images of maps via a flexible URL interface


Need to create fast loading map images for your application, web project or PDFs? That's what the Maptoolkit Static Maps API is for. It delivers stunning cartographic images - including your own geo data and map style. 


  • PNG or JPEG, in web or retina resolution
  • Blasting fast - cached in 275 data centers on all continents
  • Based on Vector Cartography - with full flexibility on map styling
  • Cartographic languages supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese
  • Easy migration from other Static Maps providers do to simple and standardised syntax
  • Enterprise license allows for storage in your CDN and for usage in PDFs 

Popular use cases:

  • SEO landing pages, optimised for loading speed
  • Map images for POI or route listings
  • Maps as default pictures for POI or route databases 
  • Webpage header images for geo-referenced landing pages


The Static Maps API is available via request based pricing on the RapidAPI marketplace, as well as a part of Maptoolkit Enterprise. Details see Maptoolkit Pricing.


Static Map with border of Austria

Static Map with border of Austria

Static Map with route and start marker

Static Map with hiking route and start marker

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