Elevation API

Know the elevation of any point on the planet



The Maptoolkit Elevation API delivers a simple interface with elevation data of any place on earth. Furthermore, ready-made elevation profiles can be delivered for paths, which may then be visualized either via the MTK.ElevationProfile or via your own logic. All responses are in JSON-format.

Possible use cases include:

  • Query elevation data (meters or feet) for any coordinates on the globe
  • Create elevation profiles for routes, tracks or GPX files (we have interactive JavaScript/SVG templates for faster implementation)
  • Create printable elevation profiles
  • Use our elevation data to move your Mapbox or MapLibre powered 3D map into the third dimension (see example below)

The Elevation API is available via request based pricing on the RapidAPI marketplace, as well as a part of Maptoolkit Enterprise. Details see Maptoolkit Pricing.


Interactive elevation profile

Create a fully customizable and responsive elevation profile using MTK.ElevationProfile.