Please be advised that the following documentation pertains only to our self-service plans, namely Basic, Pro, and Ultra, which are accessible via RapidAPI. If you are an Enterprise customer, we offer dedicated documentation with extended code examples, which can be found in our developer backend.


We offer different map tiles in raster and vector formats for the best interactive map experience. Our map tiles are compatible with all popular map rendering libraries and technologies, including Leaflet and MapLibre GL.


Every request have to be signed by an API key. For a detailed explanation click here.

Available mapstyles

There a several default Maptoolkit map styles:







Please refer to our tile server examples for guidance on implementing the aforementioned map styles in Leaflet / MapLibre GL.


Please also check to see a working demo featuring a selection of our map styles. This showcase also incorporates predefined overlays that can be seamlessly integrated with our map styles.

Mapstyles useable in Leaflet/OpenLayers

You can use any of these map styles in a Leaflet/OpenLayers compatible environment.

A tile URL has the following format:{z}/{x}/{y}/{mapstyle}.png?rapidapi-key=your-api-key

For retina tiles use the &ratio=2 suffix.{z}/{x}/{y}/{mapstyle}.png?rapidapi-key=your-api-key&ratio=2

For custom map styles please get in contact.

Mapstyles useable in MapLibreGL and MapboxGL

You can use any of these map styles in MapLibre GL/Mapbox GL compatible environment.

A map style-URL has the following format:{mapstyle}.json?rapidapi-key=your-api-key

Additional useful tilesets

Hillshading tiles

contains a raster hill-shading layer, usable in vector maps. Maximum zoomlevel is 14.{z}/{x}/{y}/hillshading.png?rapidapi-key=your-api-key

Terrain RGB tiles

contains terrain data encoded in png. Maximum zoomlevel is 14.{z}/{x}/{y}/terrain.pbf?rapidapi-key=your-api-key

Content delivery network (CDN)

We employ a cutting-edge CDN to ensure swift and seamless delivery of our map tiles, minimizing any potential delays.