Please be advised that the following documentation pertains only to our self-service plans, namely Basic, Pro, and Ultra, which are accessible via RapidAPI. If you are an Enterprise customer, we offer dedicated documentation with extended code examples, which can be found in our developer backend.

Elevation API

Querying the MapToolkit Elevation API delivers a simple interface with elevation data of any place on earth. Furthermore, ready-made elevation profiles can be delivered for paths, which may then be visualized either via the MTK.ElevationProfile or via your own logic. All responses are in JSON-format.


Every request have to be signed by an API key. For a detailed explanation click here.

Querying elevation data for locations<params>


Name Value Description
callback String Wrap json output in a callback function (JSONP)
loc String Location in format lat,lng. To receive data for multiple coordinates within one request, simply repeat this parameter as often as needed
points String JSON string with a list of coordinates. [[lat, lng], ...]
simplify 0/1 optional. Create a simplified version of the route suitable for creating staticmaps.