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The Maptoolkit Geocoding API offers a comprehensive solution for locating any place or address across the globe. With fast and powerful forward and reverse geocoding capabilities, the API provides access to extensive data from OSM (and other sources in specific regions such as national parks and touristic areas).

The API also allows for the integration of your custom points of interest (POIs) to be included in the search results alongside global address data.

Features of the API include:

  • address search: forward geocoding to obtain coordinates for a place or address
  • reverse geocoding to obtain the address for coordinates
  • autocomplete functionality for quick and efficient searches
  • the ability to limit search results to specific regions and languages.

In summary, the Maptoolkit Geocoding API is a reliable, flexible and highly cost efficient tool for any business looking to integrate geocoding into their product.

This API is available via request based pricing on the RapidAPI marketplace, as well as a part of Maptoolkit Enterprise. Details see Maptoolkit Pricing.


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