Maptoolkit Enterprise


Maptoolkit (MTK) is a framework of cartography and set of specific APIs to enable modern geodata and map applications.

MTK Enterprise enables you to build scaleable, performant and modern map applications with minimal effort. MTK goes beyond other map technologies and also provides geodata hosting with pre generated clusters, export files and metadata calculations as elevation, distance, etc.

Maptoolkit APIs


Core of Maptoolkit is our cartography, which comes in some predefined styles and the possibility to customize it for your needs.

Javascript API

For the best results and enable all of the Maptoolkit features, we developed our own Javascript API for map applications.


Plan to offer A to B routing to your users? We offer routing for wide range of outdoor activities like biking, walking and even skiing and yes, we also support car routing.

Static maps

Our Static Maps API allows the creation of static map images for several use cases.


Our geocoding API offers address search (and reverse geocoding).

Geodata hosting

You have lots of data and want to show this data performant on a map or want to enrich your data with data from other sources? Our geodata hosting enables both demands.

UI Components

Maptoolkit comes with several code samples and templates to get you startet quick and without heavy development.

more APIs

Besides those main APIs we also have more specific APIs like Isochrone, Elevation, and more. You have a geodata challenge? It's likely that we already have a solution.

Advantages of Maptoolkit


Huge feature set

From cartography to routing, from geodata hosting to static maps - Maptoolkit offers all you need for your geodata application.



We have already build many map applications and solved different use cases. We are open for new challenges and happy to assist with your problems.



We are here to help during implementation, continuous improvements and future development. You get direct contact and not only a support forum.


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We're here to help

My name is Peter Höflehner and I will be your project- and key account manager.