Please be advised that the following documentation pertains only to our self-service plans, namely Basic, Pro, and Ultra, which are accessible via RapidAPI. If you are an Enterprise customer, we offer dedicated documentation with extended code examples, which can be found in our developer backend.


The first thing we need to know to use the API is that all of the requests to the API have to be authorized using your API key. An API key is a token that you provide when making API calls.

To get an API key:

  • first go to and register a user
  • go to API Hub and search for Maptoolkit
  • subscribe to the right plan for you

Now you are ready to use the Maptoolkit apis. To authenticate all API calls:

  • either set the HTTP-GET parameter rapidapi-key
  • or the the HTTP-Header X-RapidAPI-Key.

with your RapidAPI-Key.